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2021 Annual General Meeting
Sunday, January 31
2021 Annual General Meeting  (Annual General Meeting)
2:00 pm to 2:30 pm
Zoom meeting
We would like to advise our members of the upcoming 2021 Toronto Branch Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held on Sunday, January 31st at 2 p.m.  All members will receive their AGM package before the end of 2020, either via email or by post.
All members are welcome, and indeed encouraged, to attend. This is your chance to voice your concerns, ask questions and participate in the life of the branch.
This meeting will take place via Zoom.  A Zoom link will be sent to members in mid-January.
We hope to hear from you on January 31st.  

The Wreck of HMS Speedy: The Tragedy That Shook Upper Canada
Wednesday, February 10
The Wreck of HMS Speedy: The Tragedy That Shook Upper Canada  (Speaker Meetings)
7:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Zoom meeting
The HMS Speedy was a British gunboat that sank in a snowstorm in Lake Ontario in October 1804.  The sinking of the Speedy had a significant impact on the subsequent development of Upper Canada, not just because of the prominence of those aboard (and lost).  The mystery of exactly what happened to the Speedy endured through the decades, without satisfactory explanation. 
Author Dan Buchanan, “The History Guy of Brighton”, has written a book entitled The Wreck of HMS Speedy: The Tragedy That Shook Upper Canada.  This book presents the story of HMS Speedy and how it disappeared in that terrible storm near Presqu’ile Point.  Dan brings forward new information about the search for the remains of the ship in the early 1990’s, directly from the never-before published personal papers of the professional diver in Belleville who believed he had found the Speedy. Have the remains of HMS Speedy been found? Why is this still a mystery?  Dan Buchanan joins us to answer these questions and more about the Speedy.
Dan Buchanan has written three books and is known as “The History Guy of Brighton.” He is engaged in many activities related to local and Ontario history, working from his home in Brighton, Ontario. As a guest speaker, Dan provides fascinating stories of Ontario history presented with humour and passion, either in person or virtually. He is also the creator and manager of the genealogy web site www.treesbydan.com, a database of well over 100,000 individuals including details about many early settler families in the area of Prince Edward, Hastings and Northumberland counties. The approach is called “Community Genealogy”, representing a unique blend of family and local history.
Please join us via Zoom for Dan’s presentation.  A Zoom link will be sent to members.

Loyalists at Table: 18th-Century Loyalist Recipes for the 21st-Century Kitchen
Wednesday, March 10
Loyalists at Table: 18th-Century Loyalist Recipes for the 21st-Century Kitchen  (Speaker Meetings)
7:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Zoom meeting
Darlene Montgomery-Fawcett and Laurie McDonald of the St. Lawrence Branch have published Loyalists at Table: 18th-Century Loyalist Recipes for the 21st-Century Kitchen.  This is a collection of Colonial, 18th-Century and Loyalist recipes, some submitted by Loyalist
When Darlene and Laurie attended a UELAC branch meeting in fall of 2019, they had no idea what they were about to step into.  The topic of developing a Loyalist cookbook came up and before they knew it, the two of them had volunteered!  Little did the ladies know what an interesting undertaking it would be.  
Darlene and Laurie spent countless hours developing Loyalists at Table, a compilation of recipes from our ancestors' time.  They delved into the history surrounding food preparation in Loyalist times, scoured historical societies and websites and recruited recipes from members and friends.  All the recipes had to be adapted and tested, of course, resulting in many delicious and a few not so delicious creations, and the occasional near disaster.  (Those didn’t make the cookbook, of course.)  Along the way, Darlene and Laurie gained new insight into the culinary procedures and lives of people in Loyalist times. 
The collaboration resulted in a 139-recipe cookbook, with a variety of recipes and pictures, including some indigenous recipes.  Recipes include old standards such as apple butter, mincemeat, and steak and kidney pie, in addition to more exotic ones such as spruce beer, vinegar pie, and moose meat Salisbury. The cookbook has received many accolades and has been ordered by people all over North America.  Both the cookbook and St. Lawrence UELAC branch have received much positive feedback as a result. 
Please plan to join us via Zoom on Wednesday, March 10th at 7:30 p.m. as Darlene shares with us stories about the culinary lives of our forefathers and the trials and tribulations of developing Loyalists at Table.  A Zoom link will be sent to members.
For those who are interested, print copies of Loyalists at Table are available for $20 plus shipping, and digital files are $15. Order by contacting St. Lawrence Branch UELAC secretary, Darlene Fawcett, at (613) 989-5489 or dmfawcett@ripnet.com, or by messaging the Facebook page of the St. Lawrence Branch.

Quaker Loyalists
Tuesday, April 13
Quaker Loyalists  (Speaker Meetings)
7:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Zoom meeting
Randy Saylor will share with us a presentation on Quaker Loyalists.  
During the American Revolution, Quakers were under a lot of pressure by the Rebels for their refusal to bear arms.  It is no surprise that some Quakers assisted the British and if found out were disowned by the Quaker Meetings, in order to maintain their neutral position.  The surprising finding is that some of these “Loyalist” Quakers claimed their grant as UE Loyalists and remained Quakers within Canada.  Randy will give a short background about the Quakers and their settlement in Upper Canada and then focus on those Quakers who petitioned as Loyalists and how this issue was dealt with by the Quaker community. It is a fascinating little side story of Loyalist history.  Randy will also spend a few minutes outlining the online resources available for Quaker research.
Randy Saylor was born in Trenton and has lived with his family in Toronto since university.  He retired as a high school principal 20 years ago.  Upon retiring Randy pursued his interest in genealogy and Bay of Quinte settlement history, creating a website in 2005 focused on the Quinte area.  After finding that he had some Quakers in his past, mixed in with Loyalists and a few rebels, he became involved in transcribing old Quaker records for the Canadian Friends (Quakers) Historical Association.  This project still continues.  As a result, Randy has learned quite a bit about Quaker history.
Please plan to join us via Zoom on Tuesday, April 13th.  A Zoom link will be sent to members.